Ginger Tabot’s music career was launched at a young age as part of the kids choir and soloist for G.T. and the Halo Express musical scripture memory series, distributed by Word Records.  Those seven albums spanned 7 years of her childhood and teenage years.  Ginger continued to actively write and record throughout college in various groups, including being selected as the U.S. representative for World Vision in their youth ambassador program that toured Asia and North America singing and speaking about unity and peace.

Ginger has continued to write music and serve the church with her songwriting, vocals, and keyboard skills while raising a family with her husband, Scott.  Ginger has recorded 3 solo projects in 2010 and 2012 with the partnership of producer, Brian Whitman, formerly of Audio Adrenaline.

In 2011, she wrote and produced her first music video of her song, “On His Knees,” which went to #4 on the SermonSpice.com top 100 on the week of Father’s Day.  In 2013 Ginger had the opportunity to co-write a Christmas EP for Central Christian Church, a mega church in the Phoenix area.  She currently serves there as a co-worship leader and vocal mentor.

Ginger is currently working together with her husband, Scott, to develop a music-driven Bible study journey through the foundational truths of a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ. From uptempo roll-the-window-down grooves to passionate, heart-stirring ballads, people will discover and claim God’s truth like never before!